don't you love...a little christmas spirit #3

I am thrilled with the Christmas tree pinatas I made for our Christmas lunch table.  They turned out a little larger than I had imagined but they look fabulous as centrepieces.
I did a little mock up of our table to give you the picture.  

Miss E and Miss J don't know yet but I am going to stuff one pinata with chocolates and a few small toys.  Imagine their faces when I tell them there are hidden treats.

I made tasseled ornaments for the plates, for a little extra vavavoom. 
After lunch we will punch through the bottom for a final bit of festive fun.  

Its not to late for you to make one too.
One evening crafting as you watch Christmas movies should do it.  

- Make a cone out of cardboard
- Cut strips of fringe in the tissue paper colours that catch your fancy
- Glue the fringe layers, starting from the bottom and over lapping so that all layers are visible
- turn over and fill with treats
- glue layers of tissue paper over base to seal treats in

For inspiration visit this lovely tissue tassle diy at Linen Lace & Love.

I love the soft gold and pinks, seems I am still feeling in the pink.
Merry Christmas to one and all!


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