Desire is a funny thing.

Somewhere in the span of time before the beginning of time a seed is planted. It is watered, life begins to form and desire grows.

We choose. We choose to feed either the right or the wrong desires placed in our hearts. Thankfully, I have chosen the right one at this time in my desire to create.

I choose to believe that this God-given desire is more than just the ability to create wonderful pieces for homes but also the desire to create life.

Life, peace, and joy in my home. Life in my relationships with those close to me and, well, those not so close also.

Life. More. Abundant. I love it...

p.s. my desire at the present time is to get back on the ball with this blog thing but I had to take some time off to reflect, spend some time with my Creator and hang out with my family. I have some great things in store in a few more weeks and appreciate all of your support, kind words and encouragement. You rock! Hard.


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