14,000 Things to be Happy About

Boy, has it been quite the eventful week! My emotions have run the gamet from totally elated to absolutely, flat-out disgusted in less than a few seconds. I purchased some tools this weekend to make my job of furniture revitalization a bit easier and it turned out, as usual, that the very machines created to make our lives "easier" sometimes end up doing just the opposite. THAT definitely held to be true for me this weekend. OMG! 
So this is a book that I gave to my hubby last year during some hard times and it has come in handy the past few days. 

I felt totally bummed about the upcoming show and began to think that NOTHING would be finished and that my booth would be a big fat failure! It's funny how, when you allow your mind to do so, you begin to go down the wrong route in your brain and before you know it, you're in the middle of nowhere...that's somewhere I didn't enjoy being so I am glad that as I write this, I am in a great place. Things are looking up and I am happy about the show this coming weekend. 

   And now......a sneak peak at just a FEW of the wonderful pieces you can expect to see at the Hickam Show! 
Two adorable black chairs...great for entry, dining or whatever your creative mind can come up with...can you believe they're not even finished?
We just loved these asian tables and they are SOLID! Thought that the burnt orange added just the right spice to these two pieces and the arm chair beside them IS TO DIE FOR! Yum!

It's going to be great and one of our best-I KNOW it! We are bringing more fabulous pieces your way and offering more of an eclectic variety to our space. So, don't forget, mark your calendars for May 2nd, from 9a-3p at Hickam AFB. If you don't have base access you can enter from the  Elliott Street Gate off of Nimitz Highway. Need additional info? Leave a comment here or just e-mail me at menmyhouse@gmail.com. See you Saturday! 

All the details....

Hickam Craft Fair and Family Fun Day
May 2, 2009 from 9a-3p
Hickam Arts and Crafts Center Lawn
335 Kuntz Avenue, Hickam AFB, HI (Honolulu)
Public Access through the Kuntz Gate off of Elliott Street on Nimitz Highway

Oh, oh, wait...I forgot to tell you what I am happy about...many things but most of all...yup, you guessed it...THE HICKAM SPRING CRAFT FAIR! Ha! Ha!

In Love with Turk

Okay, in my search to find the PERFECT fabric and colors for my refinishing projects, I have stumbled upon a woman. A designer. A maven, in her own right, whose work is absolutely stunning! Her name? Trina Turk! Many of you may be familiar with her work in the fashion industry but Turk is turning out new and exciting things in interior design.

Turk's vibrant prints and classic styles with a hint of mod and a pop of retro keep most of her fans begging for more. (And now, this would include moi)

"Sprucing" up with Turk...
While searching for more Trina Turk I found some designers who are in love with her fab prints too! The shop? Spruce Home. The place? Austin, TX and well, Etsy too! Spruce mixes vintage textiles and colorful patterns to create unique and eclectic pieces for your home or commercial space. 

This sofa is to die for and the color choices are absolutely magnificent: cocoa brown and deep red. Love it!

OH! And I almost forgot this wonderful work of art from Spruce. These ladies are TRULY talented. Hats off...
Appropriately named "Constellation". Absolutely amazing work. 

Check them out at www.spruceaustin.com to learn more about their creative designs or you can shop them at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5621929.

In all this, my search continues...wish me luck!

P.S. Happy Earth Day!

Before and not so after...

Okay, so I have all these wonderful pieces of furniture just waiting for me to work my magic. The problem is...well, my magic isn't so magical right now and my mojo went out the door? Well, you get it...I have the worst case of "furniture refinisher's block" EVER!!! 

Can someone please help me! Please? What's my biggest hang up? Figuring out what color everything should be and finding the most perfect fabrics to please the eye and the home...can I just get to the "after" already? Geeeezzzz!

P.S. BTW, today I had all the furniture above outdoors to begin sanding and refinishing and I look out the window as I prepared sandwiches for my kiddos and guess what...it was raining! We ALLLL know what my first thought was! I screamed (freaking my kids out) and ran out the door to pick everything up, get it back into the garage and dried off before any real damage took place. Phew! Disaster WAS avoided! Thank you, Lord!

A Few of My Favorite Things...

#1 Me & MYYYYYY House!
So, when thinking of some of my most favorite things, it's only natural that I would begin with MY work, right? Of course! And this piece screams everything Me & My House is all about. It's classy with a bit of funk. Traditional with a bit of Pacific flair. Absolutely, undeniably...FABULOUS!

This is, by far, my most favorite piece I have done yet...the coral dresser. Aaaaahhh! Lehua, I pray you are enjoying!

Absolutely yummy!
#2 All things Flea...
How I love a walk through rows and rows of wonderful junk and as fabulous as Hawaii is...there are NO TRUE FLEA MARKETS! I am dieing over here! Someone help me! Sooo, until I can make it back the mainland I load up on outrageous doses of Craigslist, antique shoppes, and friends who have junk that's just too junky for them. I also LOOOOOVVVEEE looking at everyone's flea market finds and inpspirational flea market decorating. So, here are a few finds from online...

Just look at all this goodness...these are my kind of finds!

From some of my favorite people over at Better Homes & Gardens...these ladies know how to turn someone's trash into treasure! Yuuuuum-my! I am loving the color on the wash stand...gorgeous.

#3 Farmhouse Fever
Give me the country. Give me chippy,chunky and old...I am in Heaven. Here's a find from a fellow Etsy crafty creator...solsitcehome. Check out more of her great finds at www.solsticehome.etsy.com.

Me & My House at Hickam Spring Craft Fair

So we're headed out to Hickam again but this time we've got even more awesome pieces to showcase. Don't miss out on that one of a kind piece to perfectly accent that spot in your home! 

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