How to dress up an ugly floor lamp

Remember the lampshade I painted a couple of weeks ago? I used it to turn this $20 lamp from Zellers...

into a cute and simple reading lamp for our guestroom:

What you can't see in the photo above is that my lamp is quite a bit shorter than it was in the store, and it's missing a plug:

Yes, I did that. On purpose, too.

The thing is, I knew I wanted a very simple, black floor lamp to go with my painted lampshade - in other words, pretty much exactly what I ended up with. At first I thought I'd find an old floor lamp at a yard sale or thrift store that I could spraypaint, which turned out to be easier said than done. Everything I found was either the wrong shape, the wrong style, or just too darn expensive considering it needed a DIY overhaul. And then I spied the $20 Zellers lamp - right colour, right shape, right price, wrong height.

The lamp's stand is made up of four hollow metal pieces that screw together, and the lamp's cord runs through them. So the only way to shorten the lamp was to remove one of these pieces, which meant I had to cut the cord. Then it was a matter of pulling the cord up through the base, removing one piece of the stand, and threading the whole thing back together again.

Repairing the cord required a few minutes, wire strippers and electrical tape (you can find step-by-step instructions here). Easy peasy (and to think Adam made me promise not to burn the house down). My painted lampshade sits on the lamp's original shade, so I'm planning to cover the top with fabric to block the internal ugliness for my tall guests (or at least what I imagine is internal ugliness - short little me can't really see it). Luckily Young House Love has great instructions on how to do it.

And now, just because it's been raining for months here, here's a photo of some sunshiney goodness streaming into our guest room this morning. Happy Friday! 


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