Hanging pot rack how-to

We've got a small kitchen with limited storage space, so when Adam's parents gave us this Ikea pot rack we were pysched (mostly because we've been storing our pots and pans in a cardboard box on the floor until now). Adam spent last week with his band at NXNE in Toronto, so I decided to surprise him by FINALLY hanging this baby (while our pots and pans sat in a box on the floor, it sat in the closet).

Using my new stud finder (which I scored for $5.99 courtesy of a Father's Day sale), I located two ceiling joists. Next, I calculated half the width of the pot rack and measured out from the wall along each joist, plus a couple of inches to allow for space between the pot rack and the wall. I marked each spot with pencil, then pre-drilled small holes for the ceiling hooks.

Then it was a matter of screwing the hooks into the ceiling - which was a challenge, what with my lack of brawn (I was all too happy to take a break halfway through to snap the progress shot below).

With my ceiling hooks securely in place, I shortened the chains that came with the pot rack by removing most of the links (another feat of strength) and hung my pot rack. Here it is in this morning's sunshine. Yay for no more cardboard box storage!


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