Old chair, new home

When we moved into our house a few months ago, I was determined to find room for this chair, which I found at a yardsale a couple of years ago and spraypainted black (there was no space for it in our apartment, so it sat in storage for months). So I did a little happy dance when I realized this guy would fit perfectly in the corner of our newly-painted guest room.

Unfortunately my homemade seat cushion was damaged in the move (rain and moving don't mix), so I sewed a new one (and a back cushion to boot).

I love how the black and white fabrics work with all the green in the room (just wait until you see the bedspread), but mostly I just love having a place for this chair. And the price was right, too - I spent about $3.75 on fabric for the back cushion, and the fabric for the seat cushion was on sale for $2.00/m (I already had the stuffing, so that part was free). I've read a few blog posts on the benefits of taking decorating risks lately, like buying and refinishing this chair, even though I didn't have use or space for it at the time. But don't take my word for it, here's Henro giving it his stamp of approval last night (before I finished sewing and de-lumpifying the cushions).

I joined the textile link party at freckled laundry:

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