Reason #9876238 that velcro is the best

After years of living in an apartment with a teeny tiny bathroom and a pedestal sink, I admit that I was pretty excited about having a bathroom vanity with drawers.

I've been storing my daily make-up in the top drawer, in a couple of plastic bins I picked up at the dollar store. The only problem is that everytime I open or close the drawer, the bins move all over the place, which really isn't a problem as much as it's just really annoying.

Luckily, the solution was simple. I picked up a package of velcro fasteners at the dollar store (I love that place) and affixed one to each corner of each bin (technically they're not Velcro brand, but you know what I mean).

Then I stuck the bins back in the drawer. Now they stay in place, but can easily be taken out of the drawer if need be. Like I said, simple.



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