Photo inspiration + links for your weekend

source: Pinterest via House of Fifty Mag

I pinned this picture about a week ago, but I've thought about the wall colour at least once a day, every day since.

I. love. it.

Only, I've run out of rooms to use it in. I may have to move.

Adam is playing not one, but two gigs this weekend, so we'll see if I can get anything done around the house. Wish me luck! I meant to post a couple of these links last Friday, but I accidentally never got around to posting (on the plus side, Adam and I got out of the house together, sans baby, so there's that). Enjoy!

-Celebrities photoshopped to look like ordinary people. Rihanna is so my favourite.
-A very funny Roger Ebert memory/bad review story
-I think these (free) images would make striking wall art
-I can't wait to try this kale salad (and the tahini dressing sounds dee-licious!)
-A blog devoted exclusively to washi tape DIY projects


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