Oh, the swearing

Our kitchen got another update this weekend. As I was convincing Adam that it was time to install our new GRUNDTAL rails, I joked that it wasn't like it would take all day. Sigh. Just most of it.

One tool rental, two trips to Home Depot and countless curse words later, we had this:

Marking the holes to hang the rails was easy enough; the tricky part was drilling into the brick. Once we figured out that our electric drill and a masonry bit weren't getting us anywhere, Adam went to Home Depot to rent a hammer drill. He marked the bit with painter's tape to make sure he didn't drill too far into the brick and pretty soon he had all the holes done.

Since pots and pans are heavy, Adam used concrete anchors to attach the rails to the brick. Sounds easy and it probably should've been, but we needed a special attachment to drive the screws (which I didn't notice when I bought them), so Adam had to make another trip to Home Depot and even then a couple of screws refused to go in all the way. On the plus side, it's up and it's sturdy! I just need to figure out how to disguise the blue anchors - any ideas?

In a tiny kitchen, it helps to make use of every available space - even the obscure ones. As for the openings in the brick below, we've got plans for those too, but more about that another day :)


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