Toothpaste - It's Not Just For Teeth Anymore!

Do you use toothpaste?
I mean really use it?
Yes I see you have shiny white teeth, but come on!
We can make it do so much more!
Let's take a look...
Sorry about the blur
So if you're a mother and if your kids have ever gotten into the markers then you're going to need this one.
My youngest is one of those kinda kids and his brothers are his suppliers.
They leave markers out that just lay there, begging to be used in the naughtiest of ways.
On one two three such days he decided to add some decoration to my living room coffee table.
Now luckily this coffee table is very rough and rustic, so they weren't glaringly obvious.
Anyway, after staring at them day after day, I remembered...
So I went and brushed my teeth.
When I came back I rubbed some onto the marker spots...
Let it marinate...

Okay, so they aren't gone all the way.
In real life though you don't even see them unless you know where to look.
Plus, as I mentioned, this table is very rustic so... ya know.
I could have most likely done it again and gotten them all the way out, but I was happy already.
I will mention that it kinda dries out the finish of your wood.
I simply applied some olive oil to remedy that.

Now here's another pretty cool one.
Once again, if you have kids then you have scratched DVD's and CD's.
I had many of them.
I did this with CD's that would skip and stall.
No skipping.
No stalling.
I did this with DVD's that would freeze up due to scratches.
No freezing.
Okay, so this is a miracle worker but it's not a magic wand.
If you've got scratches that you can stick your fingernail in then probably not going to work for ya.
Now I got this handy little tip from this lovely lady's blog.
(via Pinterest)
Now she suggests using Kids CREST toothpaste.
I had no Crest, but I did have Kids Colegate.
Worked great!
As she mentions, you may have to do it more than once on some of them.
Check out her post because she gives you the step-by-step that I am obviously not doing for you.
Have anymore toothpaste miracles?
Do share...



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