Okay, so it's not often that my husband and I can combine our interest into one fun event. Saturday we succeeded though with a trip out to Royse City, TX. Him for a gun trade and me for a chance to meet some wonderful women, see some really neat stuff and share it with you all!

Yes, one of these came home with me. I did pay for it first though.
I also had the chance to meet the girls from Girls Gone Junkin'. They have a booth every month at Trade Days in Canton (coming up this weekend for you that are within 500 miles. Yes it's that good!)
Also check out Robelyn from Red.Neck Chic who also has a great Etsy Store where you can purchase some of her amazing bags and purses.
(I could take this one home with me)
Trust me when I say this is only about half the pictures that I took. Mindy, the creator and owner of The Primitique has her shop set up in a corner of Eagle Farm & Ranch store in Royse City, TX. She also has a booth (with Red.Neck Chic) at Zapp Hall in Warrenton during the amazing Antique Week in Round Top and surrounding towns. (I am hoping, crossing my fingers and toes that I will get go see her again there. Pretty please....)
If you're ever in the area then be sure to let her know that you'll be stopping by. I know she would love to meet you!

Thank you girls for giving me the chance to share your talent with a few more people. Hope to see you all again soon!

$40 CSN Spring Giveaway!

The weather is getting warm here. The trees are starting to bud out and little sprouts of green grass are poking up through the old grass. It makes me want to plant some flowers, have a cookout or just sit outside in the sun.
When I saw these Le Creuset dishes and pans over it CSN Stores it just intensified that desire. They made me want to throw together a festive dinner of mexican food, or a good old fashioned barbecue.
Don't you just love the colors?
I started thinking about all the other things I've been wanting to add outdoors and of course, hunted around CSN (because they have EVERYTHING!) until I found it all.
I've been wanting to plant some herbs this summer and since we lack actual planting space, I thought these planters would be perfect.
And since the nights still tend to be a little nippy (it is February after all) then we absolutely need an outdoor fire pit to ward off the chilly air.
That's what I would do with a $40 gift card to CSN!How about you? Do you feel that Spring in your step yet? If so then just leave me a comment to enter this giveaway!
If you want to enter more times, then leave another comment telling me that you're a follower, or tweet, facebook, blog about this giveaway and leave a comment with each one! Lots of ways to win!

So sorry, this giveaway is limited to U.S and Canadian residents only.
Giveaway will end next Friday, March 4th at 12:00AM Central time.


Bringing Back We Can Do It Cheaper!

So I've been a little lax in coming back to this subject... but here we go.

Due to my increasingly busy schedule (I don't see it slowing down anytime soon) then I have decided to make We Can Do It Cheaper a monthly thing.


It is going to be specifically for projects that have been copied lovingly recreated from one of your favorite stores/catalogs etc.
Image Pottery Barn
Like this sign from PB....
Image Pottery Barn
a friend of mine recently did her own and it turned out fabulous!
Maybe you don't have a project but you've achieved a very close look to something you saw from somewhere.
Image Ballard Designs
That works too! Just be sure to show us the picture you're copying of course.

So when will this link party be? The first Thursday of every month. So the next one will be March 3rd.

Get your projects ready because we're going to kick off this one with a prize for the winner of the best copied look or project!

The Virginia House

Can't wait to see you then!

My Biggest, Newest Sign On My Biggest Wall

I know you all remember my family room reveal a few months back. I liked it, I really did, but I'm not sure if I ever mentioned just how large the main wall is/was. Big, Large & Huge.

Ugly Picture of VERY LARGE wall.
The window that I had hanging there, just wasn't covering the expanse of the wall at all. I waited patiently for divine intervention....

I have had a piece of wood that I got out of the dumpster (One of my sisters actually got it out for me. Bless her.) sitting in my garage just waiting for some inspiration.

Inspiration took a long time to reach me. Not sure where it even came from, but I finally decided what I wanted to paint on it...
I had some gift cards left over from my last birthday, a loving husband with some cash to throw at me and a half off sale at Hobby Lobby. That all equalled this lovely new mirror.
The large bareness of the wall is covered now. I feel like I finally dressed it properly.
It's a good feeling.
I'll stick with this feeling for now.... you never know when another feeling will come along and blow this one off the wall;-)
My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

I'm still Here...

Image from Better Homes & Gardens.
The above picture has nothing to do with anything except that I like it.
On to my subject...

I have this problem of starting too many projects and then getting so confused as to which on to finish that I start another one. Smart right?

Right now I have a wall in my living room that is half hung with pictures, a half painted baby bed, some material spread out in my family room to be made into baby bedding, a small hutch in the garage that needs a shelf so it can be painted, a new window in my living room that needs to be painted around.....
The list goes on and on, but did you read that last one? YES my new window is in and I L.O.V.E it!!! Even better is that the weather has been in the high seventies, low eighties the last few days so all my new windows can be thrown open with much delight!

Pictures and some actual finished projects will come next week. Promise.
(yes I have actually finished some stuff too.)

Have a great weekend!

Cheap Dresser Redo

You all know I'm all about cheap. Not always a good thing I tell ya.

With having our 3rd child and Jack moving in with Beau and sharing his dresser, then I decided it was time to upgrade the baby dresser from this...

to this.

I know it's not so pretty huh. The good news is, it was already in our garage since this was my husbands dresser since before we got married (this dresser is chee-eap!). It had been just sitting there waiting to be sold at a yard sale, but I decided to recycle it instead.

So I painted it first. Then I decided to add some numbers to it before I put the hardware back on. I wanted something very simple and light.

I used the tried and true method of rub on with a pencil. First you print out your text in whatever size you desire. Use the "mirror image" option in your print preferences so that it prints backward. Trace over it with a pencil, really heavy.

Place it on your desired location (print side down) and scribble over it with the pencil again.

Remove your paper and Whaaalaah! It's all ready to be painted!

I took the hardware that was previously on the dresser, added some Caromal Colours Paint and Glaze (because it sticks to anything!) and put them back on the dresser.


The very best part of it all was that it was totally, completely....


The BEST kind of cheap
Furniture Feature Fridays
The Lettered Cottage

NEW Items In Store For You!!

I finally got around to finishing some things and getting them loaded into my Etsy Store!

I have more stuff to list and get loaded but being that this is our last day of snow and spring is on its way (HAHA!) then I may be spending more time outside soon.
My sister found a few of these electrical meter covers and we discovered that they made the cutest little display bowls. We would love to share them with you too! The eggs are also listed just in time for dressing up your home for spring!
Some of these items you may remember from when I did Antique Alley in September. Yep, that's how far behind I am:-)

I've gone rooster crazy and decided to pass the craze on. I have many more of these waiting to be painted, so let me know if you have a suggestion!

These pictures are sold individually, but I plan on adding to this whole line very soon. I love doing these despite how much time they take!

If you're thinking of starting an Etsy store, but just not quite sure that you're ready, then let me encourage you to take the plunge. I have so enjoyed doing it and it's kept me just busy enough to be happy with it, but not crazy busy. Thanks to all of you who have helped make it a success so far!

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