My Biggest, Newest Sign On My Biggest Wall

I know you all remember my family room reveal a few months back. I liked it, I really did, but I'm not sure if I ever mentioned just how large the main wall is/was. Big, Large & Huge.

Ugly Picture of VERY LARGE wall.
The window that I had hanging there, just wasn't covering the expanse of the wall at all. I waited patiently for divine intervention....

I have had a piece of wood that I got out of the dumpster (One of my sisters actually got it out for me. Bless her.) sitting in my garage just waiting for some inspiration.

Inspiration took a long time to reach me. Not sure where it even came from, but I finally decided what I wanted to paint on it...
I had some gift cards left over from my last birthday, a loving husband with some cash to throw at me and a half off sale at Hobby Lobby. That all equalled this lovely new mirror.
The large bareness of the wall is covered now. I feel like I finally dressed it properly.
It's a good feeling.
I'll stick with this feeling for now.... you never know when another feeling will come along and blow this one off the wall;-)
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