2013 Etsy Gift Guide

For years I've purchased some of my favourite gifts for loved ones from Etsy sellers. I love that I can ship items directly to people, and many Etsy sellers will even gift wrap and include little gift cards for the recipients. This year is no different - I've compiled some collections of my favourite items for him, her, little ones, and others in my "Etsy Tastemaker" collection. So here you go! My 2013 Etsy Holiday Gift Guide...

See more of my gift ideas for her 

See more of my gift ideas for the Mr. in my Gift Ideas for Him
(I purchased the stamped luggage tags show above for Aubrey last year and he loved them!)

See more of my gift ideas for Babies & Kids

I have some other collections on the go that I'll showcase later, but I thought these three would get your mind working for creative ideas on gifts for those on your list.

xo Lindsay

*This post contains affiliate links. (Click on the link to read more about affiliate links on my blog) - Lindsay 

pop up dinner party at home for the festive season

I love the concept of pop up parties, but in reality can be a bit hard to do.  Especially with a toddler in tow.
So I thought how cool would it be to create a pop up space at home -  a little extraordinary in the ordinary, a little bit of fantasy for just one evening.
I wanted to set the table up in the garden surrounded by fairy lights, but some heavy rain storms meant it had to be plan B, our wide hallway.  I threw down a rug and moved our outdoor table and pillows indoors for the evening.  Then I strung the glass doors with fairy lights and lit candles to create a romantic glow of light.
Watermelon and lime agua fresca kicked off the evening, followed by a delicious Mexican inspired menu made by my amazing hubby.  Wraps with lamb, pomegranates and honey coriander yoghurt, or deconstructed chorizo with jalapeno green sauce, chunks of pineapple dusted with salt and chilli powder, and a grapefruit granita with a mojito sauce to finish.   Delicious!
I found gorgeous bunches of natives in yellows and oranges at the flower seller this morning. 
Wax flowers, pin cushions and kangaroo paw form a zesty base that could be Christmas or fiesta.  I made a low arrangement for the table centre with a few candles, finished with white plates and white napkins.  Fresh, fun and simple.
Sitting on cushions on the floor with the glow of candlelight and fairy lights, what fun.

The space was transformed, it didn't look like our house at all.  All the fantasy of a pop up party, with all the comforts of home and a fully equipped kitchen close at hand.  I didn't use anything I didn't already own, I just moved things into unexpected places.
I hope you are inspired!  Go on, string up some lanterns or fairy lights, and throw a pop up party of your own at home too.  Make sure to tell me what you created!

All images by Eva Burgess of Build House Home, except 5th image by Graeme Myburgh.

Sunday Night Inspiration | Captivating


Okay, so I know that it's not Sunday now for most of you but for those of us here on the West Coast we still have about an hour left and I am determined to get this post in before midnight so I can still call it SUNDAY Night Inspiration. Ha!
I know, it's really okay...I can give myself grace when I don't get these written early enough to schedule a post but to be quite honest, as much as I would like to plan these posts, they don't always work that way. Sometimes when I think I know just what I want to share with all of you, what's really on MY heart is not really what's on God's heart. Since this is the reason I write these each week anyway {to share God's heart for you, me, to inspire and empower you} I wait.
I wait until the very last minute sometimes just to hear it. A word...
Tonight it was just one...CAPTIVATING. Wait. What? What does that mean?
I was sitting and thinking...well, actually kinda freaking out that I hadn't posted this just yet and it was already after 12 noon.
Maybe I just wouldn't post this today? Maybe it would be okay to just leave this one blank and let the one from last Sunday soak in a bit more? What would people think? Would they think I am an inconsistent blogger? That they couldn't follow and trust to find the series here, right here, each Sunday? Come on Lord...I need to share my heart and I need you to GIVE ME a word for your girls {and some of your guys} right NOW.
So there I sat, all stressed out when it came.
Now, I know I probably say this each and every week...but I will do my absolute BEST to keep this one short and sweet.
You are captivating. And not only are you captivating but HE is captivated by you. Not because of your beauty {but you are beautiful}, not because you're a good dancer {but I am SURE you are}. Not because you have the best outfits or your hair is JUST right or because you didn't yell at your kids today {thank you Jesus} but because you are made in His image, created with a great purpose to fulfill.
Now this may seem like a little thing. It may seem like something that really just doesn't matter...all of this "captivating" mumbo jumbo...but, here's the deal:
Another word for captivating...capture. Can you believe that God is SO in love with you that you capture his heart? And that His love is so big, so deep, so wide that He wants to capture yours? And in the midst of your life and day-to-days and all of your working and doing, His love is so magnified that it captures others.
I know this is a lot of captivating and capturing and I really don't want to make this complex. So, simply put...God wants us {His girls} to be SO captivated, so caught up, so CAPTURED by Him and what He has placed in us, what He called us to do whether it be for a season or for a lifetime so much so that it overflows into all that we do until people begin to take notice.
And then before you know it, God working through you...through your gifts, through your smile, the gift of a free coffee to a stranger, through that change of a diaper and a spontaneous convo in a public restroom {come on I know I am NOT the only one} CAPTURES another one's heart.
She {that stranger, that friend from years ago, fill in the blank} is then raptured, wrapped up in, swaddled and captivated by you and the God shining through you.
So, it all starts here...with knowing that you are LOVED by your Creator and that He loves YOU and is captivated by YOU. You are captivating. You are loved. You are worth it.
Praying for you this week {and for myself} that we KNOW it, feel it, sense it, experience it...the captivating love of Christ. There's nothing like it in this world.
Kim Walker is one of my faves. Please take a moment to listen to the words of this song. Really sums up the heart of this post.


Ranarp Lights from Ikea

A few weeks ago I was at Ikea looking for the Ranarp clamp light for Oscar's room, when I happened across the Ranarp work light. For some reason I felt it necessary to grab two work lights to just "try" out at home - originally intending to put them into my office. It turns out that they found a home in our bedroom.

I was unsure about the look for a few days, wondering if they looked too much like work lights, but in the end I've come to the conclusion that they are a welcomed addition of modern into a room that has a lot of "traditional". So it's a nice juxtaposition. Also, they sit on our Rast Hack - It's an Ikea side table party over here.

Now I just have to time my next Ikea visit so I can actually go on a day that they have the clamp lights in stock. Those babies are hard to get a hold of.

Lion Cookie Jar

Happy Friday! I'm off to pick Oscar up from pre-school, but before I do - I wanted to post my newest family member. Although his name is up for debate (Lionel perhaps?) he is proudly displayed in our kitchen. Get this. He's a cookie jar!

Made by Imm Living, and purchased from Le Tablier Blanc at the gift show I was at - he's a welcomed addition to our home.  (You can see more Imm Living items here)

Have a lovely weekend! xo Linds

More stair progress

I thought I'd pop in to show you what the stairs look like, currently. I wouldn't want to risk being accused of contributing to the false idea that bloggers' lives are all pretty pictures and flawlessly executed before & afters ;)

Excuse the iPhone pics - Adam was nice enough to snap a few for me while I was at work. The drywall guys have been in and out all week and should wrap up work today. The mud wasn't drying as quickly as they'd hoped, so we brought our dehumidifier up from the basement to speed things along. We're really pleased with how the walls are coming along, and despite the cost, I'm glad we decided to hire this step out. Not only have the pros done the job much faster than we ever could, they've done a much better job too.

Oh, and someone discovered that wet drywall compound makes for pretty good finger painting.

The house was suspiciously quiet, so I looked around the corner and spotted Hannah at work. When she noticed me watching her, she burst into laughter and ran down the hall into our bedroom. So naughty, and yet so cute!

So what's next? As soon as the drywall is finished, we'll prime and paint this entire area, including the upstairs hallway. Then we'll finally rip out the last strip of nasty carpet (in the hallway) and install hardwood to match the flooring in the bedrooms. We'll also install and paint new trim and door plinths. The long list looks like this:

-Finish drywall
-Prime and paint walls
-Rip out the last strip of nasty carpet (!!!)
-Install hardwood flooring in the hallway
-Install, caulk and paint new trim and door plinths in the hallway
-Install permanent stair treads and risers
-Paint treads and risers?
-Install stair runner
-Install new hardwood flooring on main floor
-Install, caulk and paint new trim on main floor

It will all be worth it in the end, right?

Happy weekend! xo

Favorite Bloggers Friday | A Sidenote

Well, hello friends! I haven't blogged since Sunday...what?

I also haven't been able to snap any photos with my Canon since then. Why? 4 kids. Need I say more? Haha!

Actually, thankfully, it's not my camera that has malfunctioned but my super sweet SD card lost it's life in a wrestling battle. So sad...but not fear, a replacement is on its way. I hope to give you guys an update on a few small changes I've made around here for our rental refresh...that will come next week.

For now, I'd love to share some more of my favorite bloggers out in Blogland with you!
Please head over to each of their blogs, follow, leave some comment love...

ANNIE WEST | And She Will Fly

First is Annie West of And She Will Fly. Doesn't the name alone just inspire you?
Annie is one of a kind and her big heart and sense of humor will send you flying...pun intended.
She is uber talented, has an unbelievably cute personality and her photography skills...flawless. Head on over and pay Annie a visit and be sure to tell her I sent you! If you are on Instagram you can follow her here as well.

 KAYLA| K.R. Dixon Designs
Next up is Kayla Dixon of K.R. Dixon Designs. Kayla is a Pacific North Westerner and I just had to show her some love! I just love her style and enjoy following her and all of her fun projects and designs on Instagram. When you get a moment, head on over to her blog and follow along!
You know those people you just see or text after messaging them via social media and you just know you're meant to be friends? What? You don't do that? Ha! Well, Kenya is one of those people. As I transition in my biz she has been such a great sounding board and virtual friend. I will finally get to meet her next month and I am SO excited! Kenya is such a neat person. She blogs, owns her own shop and even her own redesign biz. If you are in ATL metro area...see her! If you're not, well...you can at least follow her on Instagram, blog and even shop her brick and mortar online if you can't make it into her shop. I just love Kenya!
You. Will. Be. Inspired. Period.
Holly of Holly Mathis Interiors is such a talented woman, blogger, stylist...the list goes on and I just love seeing all that she does and how inspiring she and her designs are. Every square inch of her blog/site will leave you wanting to read more, see more, do more. Just love it. Check out Holly and her blog and be sure to follow along so you don't miss out on all the fun!
And that wraps up this week's Favorite Bloggers Friday!
Until Sunday....much love.

shop related news

Just some shop related news - I've added three styles of washi tape to my shop - I've picked my three favourite colour combos and have a small handful of stock. Perfect for that small beautiful detail that I think is oh-so-special in gift wrapping. Also .... Are you looking for a gift for someone? You may like this... Save 20% on the newest style of note card in my shop. Click here to see the eUpdate.  xo Lindsay

wine & shopping night

I hosted my 2nd annual ladies "Wine + Shopping Night" at my house this past Tuesday night. (See last years event here) It all started last year when I knew that I'd likely be coming home from the gift show with stock - and so I thought I'd offer up the items that were left over from the show at a discount to neighbourhood friends, as well as their guests. It was so much fun, that it was something I started planning some time ago to do again. Above is a little video I snapped before the guests arrived and below are some photos I took before, and during the night.
Read more »

Dots & Loops Handmade

I recently discovered Dots & Loops Handmade, a super cute store in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, selling all kinds of handmade goodies - including a wide selection of products made by Canadian and Nova Scotian artisans. If you can't make it to the store in person, you can still visit them online and I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding a holiday gift or two (or maybe something for your own wishlist). Here are several of my favourites:

Chelsea and Maria scarves
Flowers card
MAASAI necklace
Triangle earrings
Hand printed bracelet (made in Nova Scotia)
Chevron necklace (made in Nova Scotia)
Your new boyfriend sticker set
Blue + white lace tea towel
Zipper case
Amethyst soap rock (so cool!)

P.S. I wasn't paid or perked to write this post, I just like sharing good stuff!

10 reasons you should visit beechworth on holiday

Beechworth is my favourite town in Australia!  Beautiful historic town centre, lots to do, great restaurants, fabulous local beer and wine.  So if you are planning a Christmas break makes Beechworth your destination.

  • The information centre is staffed by a magician who did magic tricks and enchanted the children.  Seriously every tourist information centre should be run by magicians.
  • Miles and miles of pristine countryside bike tracks on the rail trail that runs through the village.  Built on the old railway the tracks are not too steep, made for a train remember, and run through the most gorgeous countryside for over 100km.  A must for any cycling enthusiast and suitable for the entire family.  Ride one way and book a shuttle to take you and your bikes home, or stop at a local winery, refresh and recover and then carry on.
  • Stop by the Bridge Road Brewers to enjoy a flight of locally made beers on a Ned Kelly styled tray, and enjoy the best pizza in the district.  Sunday afternoons feature great live music and there is even a small playground for younger kids. 
  • Dine on the degustation menu at Provenance.  The best meal I have had in years, fantastic service and some very interesting matched wines and sake.  If this is the only reason you go to Beechworth its a good one!
  • Visit the court house where Ned Kelly was held after being captured in nearby Glenrowan.  Local story tellers will take you on a tour and tell you all the juicy history.
  • Go panning for gold at Eldorado - we found lots of sand and lovely countryside but sadly no gold.
  • Have your Wanted poster cartoon drawn at Splatoons.  $15 each and it will take 2 very impressive minutes, the kids loved.
  • Visit the ancient Butt Butt tree.  It was fully grown when Ned Kelly and his gang roamed the area and was used as a post tree before the mail service started.  Ask a local to point it out to you.
  • Visit local wineries or do a tasting in the local wine bar.  Award winning Giaconda comes from just around the corner and Pennyweight Winery is a short ride from the town on the rail trail.

Get a map, look it up, and plan your holiday!

All photographs by Eva Burgess

playroom storage...work in progress

More storage for the playroom has been on my to do list all year, finally with Christmas approaching I have made a start.   The original inspiration was for a long low cabinet that the tv could sit on (see the post here), but I realised this was never going to deliver enough storage.  
The version below has a lot more storage, taller cabinets with a shelf on top creating space for display, books and instruments.   I think it will be far more practical.  We can still add another shelf or narrow cabinet above the shelf if we find we need even more space.
Next step was to remove the old furniture.  The tv was in a lovely but very deep, impractical oriental cabinet (already gone below), and the old Ikea cabinet as you can see below was literally bursting at the seams.  Note to self, taking apart Ikea cabinets seems to take longer than putting them together.  
Then it was off to Ikea for a very bulky shop: three Besta cabinets (128cm high) and a Besta tv cabinet with drawers and space for all the technology and cables.  
An industrious weekend later and we are looking more organised already!
Of course no DIY is ever accomplished without at least one mistake or set back.  This was the first time I have ever had trouble with Ikea, one of the cabinets was faulty and only went together after a LOT of pushing and pulling and many shavings with my Japanese handsaw.
When that hurdle was finally over I attached the right hand cabinet to the wall, forgetting that we have a pocket door behind that wall.  Hmmm, the result the two neatly drilled holes in the door you can see below.  It could have been worse, I could have screwed it permanently open.

So that's how it's looking right now.  Its been a busy week and I haven't managed to do much more.  I will keep you posted on our progress, can't wait to get it all done.

Roundup of the Best Holiday Cards on Etsy

My obsession with stationery, paper and design was why I started my own company - but even after starting my own shop, and being able to create my own paper products, my obsession with collecting stationery of others didn't fade. So, because my love affair with paper runs deep, it seems fitting that for my first post in a series of many that will be dedicated to some roundups of finds on Etsy - that the first was dedicated to other stationery designers who I admire. To see the collection of my favourite paper products on Etsy for the Holidays, click on through! 

Affiliate Link Used in this post. Read more on how I use affiliate links. 

Project 82

In the search for a modular sofa I discovered Project 82, a great little store tucked away in Surry Hills packed full of wonderful things.  Try out the most comfortable sofa to date, the Lennon, browse through the Armadillo rug selection, the wall papers designed by Quercus & Co, interesting light fixtures, really good value wood framed modern mirrors, and tons of other little bits and pieces.  I love the styling and the sofa's are good value, and really really comfortable, see more about my modular sofa hunt here and here.
A glimpse of the showroom with the goodies in store at the moment.  Tapestry wall paper on the back wall, see more examples of this wall paper by Quercus & Co below.

gift show

The gift show this weekend was a success. In terms of work and stress, it was so much easier being the second time - I knew what to expect, and also I tweaked the product line based on what I knew sold well last year. Above are some pictures from the show that I thought I'd share. I am now hunkering down to respond to e-mails and focus on orders. Just a wee bit stressed but nothing coffee won't fix. ;) xo Linds

Kicking off the holidays

We are slowly getting into the holiday spirit around here. On Sunday evening, Bedford held its annual holiday parade. It's a small parade, but still a fun way to kick off the holiday season and Hannah seemed to really enjoy herself. The weather was relatively mild, which was a nice bonus. Even Adam experienced a moment of wonder, captured above ;)

I ordered our Christmas cards over the weekend, too. I'm so excited to see them in person, I can't wait for them to arrive!

P.S. Hannah had a run-in with our cat on Friday evening, hence the scratches. Poor girl was quite tough about it, but it breaks my heart to see those scratches.

Main Mondays | Joss & Main Finds

Happy Monday, peeps!
Hope your weekend was absolutely amazing! Mine was pretty awesome!

I know so many of us are freshening up our homes for the holidays and preparing for guests and whatnot so here are a few Joss & Main Finds her on this Main Monday to help inspire you in adding just the right thing to your home to freshen up a bit!
All of these items and more can be found on Joss & Main by clicking on the images below!
Happy shopping!

Callie Indoor/Outdoor Rug | Starting at $19.95

Bolivar Wall Mirror | $73.95

HOME Pillow | $19.95

Napa Teak Stool | $121.95

Tripod Floor Lamp | $182.95

Aisha Pillow | $32.95
Buck Table Mirror | $90.95
So, what's your fave from this week's picks?

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