More stair progress

I thought I'd pop in to show you what the stairs look like, currently. I wouldn't want to risk being accused of contributing to the false idea that bloggers' lives are all pretty pictures and flawlessly executed before & afters ;)

Excuse the iPhone pics - Adam was nice enough to snap a few for me while I was at work. The drywall guys have been in and out all week and should wrap up work today. The mud wasn't drying as quickly as they'd hoped, so we brought our dehumidifier up from the basement to speed things along. We're really pleased with how the walls are coming along, and despite the cost, I'm glad we decided to hire this step out. Not only have the pros done the job much faster than we ever could, they've done a much better job too.

Oh, and someone discovered that wet drywall compound makes for pretty good finger painting.

The house was suspiciously quiet, so I looked around the corner and spotted Hannah at work. When she noticed me watching her, she burst into laughter and ran down the hall into our bedroom. So naughty, and yet so cute!

So what's next? As soon as the drywall is finished, we'll prime and paint this entire area, including the upstairs hallway. Then we'll finally rip out the last strip of nasty carpet (in the hallway) and install hardwood to match the flooring in the bedrooms. We'll also install and paint new trim and door plinths. The long list looks like this:

-Finish drywall
-Prime and paint walls
-Rip out the last strip of nasty carpet (!!!)
-Install hardwood flooring in the hallway
-Install, caulk and paint new trim and door plinths in the hallway
-Install permanent stair treads and risers
-Paint treads and risers?
-Install stair runner
-Install new hardwood flooring on main floor
-Install, caulk and paint new trim on main floor

It will all be worth it in the end, right?

Happy weekend! xo


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