Have a great weekend

We had a low-key Halloween around these parts. With the disruption of the stair reno, we really didn't give Halloween much thought - we carved pumpkins after a quick dinner and I thought up this costume for Hannah on my way home from work. Her uncle gave her this track suit for her birthday; I just shortened one of our run medals and drew up a quick bib. Hannah's favourite activity is running around the giant chimney that divides our main floor, so the marathoner costume seemed appropriate ;)

Hannah helped us hand out candy to all nine trick-or-treaters who rang our bell. Apparently all the kids in our neighbourhood head to the subdivision a few streets away. After Hannah went to bed, I roasted pumpkin seeds and Adam and I caught up on The Walking Dead. I followed this recipe and it resulted in the best pumpkin seeds I've ever made.

Happy weekend! xo

Psst! Check out a super cute picture of Hannah's first Halloween here.


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