Favorite Bloggers Friday | A Giveaway Preview

Happy Friday, friends and welcome to round #2 of Favorite Bloggers Friday! I am SO excited to introduce to you more of some of my favorite bloggers out there in blogland and give you a head's up on a giveaway for next week that you DO NOT want to miss!
First, some of my favorite bloggers...
First up is Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect! Let me just begin by saying that you just may see a little bit of a trend here this week...most if not all of the bloggers featured this week are SOUTHERN. I just MAY be a little biased but I invite you to check out each of their blogs and judge for yourselves.
Back to Shaunna. She is amazing. Not only does she author an amazing blog but she also owns a shop in Alabama that is just perfection! If you are in the state you should definitely take time to stop by to say hello to her and purchase something amazing from her brick and mortar!
I seriously admire this lady! Beautiful inside and out!
I've followed Christi for a while and was so thrilled when I found her on Instagram. She cooks up one of a kind recipes and meals that just about anyone could duplicate at home and even features recipes for those with special diet needs like gluten free and dairy free! So good! Hop on over and check her out and be sure to follow along with her on her foodie journey!
Next is Rhoda from Southern Hospitality! I have literally followed Rhoda since the beginning and it has been such a blessing to watch her grow, enrich and inspire the lives of SO many bloggers! She is truly amazingly talented, generous, creative...the list goes on and on.
Head on over to her place to meet her and see more of what she offers!
Last but not least, Brandi from Don't Disturb this Groove. I can't help but think of the late 80's tune each and every time I visit her  blog! OMG, thanks Brandi! As a matter of fact, if I am honest...as I was typing this I had to Google the song just so I could hear it. You know, for old time's sake!  I am really just getting to know her but love all that I see from her and enjoy our brief online convos. Looking forward to meeting and getting to know her better!  
I hope you'll visit these ladies and join them on their adventures! You will not regret it!
And what else was I going to talk to you about??? Oh yeah...that's right...the GIVEAWAY!!
SO...are you following me on Instagram?
If not, you missed this...
I posted this pic a couple of days back. My new friend Jennifer from Décor Createur makes these lovely signs and so much more and has offered to give a set away to one lucky follower. You'll want to follow RHI on Instagram if you don't already. More details about this giveaway on Monday so come on back!
And here's a little tune to jumpstart your weekend...I just couldn't help myself!
Get your groove on,


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