Painting an accent wall in Hannah's room

We got a quote from the drywall guy today (we've decided that we're definitely hiring out the drywall finishing), so it looks like that will happen sometime in the next couple of weeks. I know that we should just get it over with so we can move ahead with painting, but the thought of all that dust, EVERYWHERE, makes me cringe (well, more so the thought of cleaning it up). Serenity now!

Despite the long list of stair-related projects ahead, I've been daydreaming about a little update for Hannah's room (bonus: it's dust free!). Remember the sweet alphabet decal that I hung above her change table way back when?

It was great for many months, but eventually Hannah figured out how to tear the letters down (what can I say, my girl likes destructing). I think X, Y and Z were the first to go, and it's pretty much been downhill from there. And since I don't want Hannah growing up thinking the alphabet consists of less than 15 letters, I think it's time to take the whole thing down and try something new.

And while I'm at it, maybe it's time to switch out the DIY bunting flag art above her crib too?

But what to replace it with? I'm thinking about an accent wall and this triangle idea is probably the top contender right now. Also, I already own black paint and I'm reasonably confident in my ability to make a triangle stencil.

source: pinterest via the merrythought

Before I saw the triangle wall, I was pretty convinced I'd try John and Sherry's raindrop idea. Which could still be really cute, especially if I stuck to black...and maybe a slightly smaller raindrop. But black rain might also be scary, so there's that. 

source: young house love

I was really obsessed with gold polka dots a while back, and while I still think this is an awesome idea for a kid's room, it doesn't work with her room's current colour scheme.


Another, even easier, possibility is painting a two-toned wall. Hannah's room has high ceilings, so this would definitely work in there (just not sure if I'd like it on only one wall).

source: pinterest via
I'd probably go two-thirds or three-quarters of the way up the wall with colour, since the furniture would basically cover it up at half-way. Of course then I'd probably keep the bunting flag art and have to find something new for over the change table (this would be perfect).

Direction, please.


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