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Then it got even better.

Life is good.

Happy Friday!

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Making a Euro Sham out of a curtain


I had been shopping around for some new euro shams for my sons bed and couldn't find any affordable ones, so when I picked up this pair of curtains at Target on clearance for $10 then I was very happy, and as I mention a few times here, I have plans for the scraps as well.
This is a super easy sham to make since you are only sewing two seams and a button hole. You can even leave the button hole out and have a faux button with a snap, or nothing at all. You can do this for a regular size pillow sham as well.
These are simple tab-top curtains, 60 inches long and 41 1/2 wide.

I took my seam ripper and took all the "tabs" off and set them aside to use on a different project.

I then took my pillow and lay it on the cloth to see how I wanted everything to be laid out and figure out how much I needed to cut off. I took about 11 1/2 inches off one side(I also set aside to use on my other project). Use the bottom hem to be showing on the outside.

Taking my seam ripper once more, I carefully ripped out the opposite side seam to reduce bulk. (this step is not strictly necessary)

Turn the fabric wrong side down and lay your pillow back down. Pin one side together and then just mark where you want your seam on the other side and remove the pillow.

Mark your seams and pin the sides together then sew each of your side seams, making sure you double sew over any of the "stress" points.

Try it out on the pillow to make sure it fits correctly before clipping your seams.

Mark where you want your button hole and then sew.

I then fit the cover back on the pillow to see where the button fits best and sew it on.
All done!

Would love to see yours if you try it out. There are so many ways you can do this and different styles as well!

I've Been Featured!

Hey all, I know to many of you, being featured is a regular thing, but today I'm a little kid in a candy store!
I've been featured over at Completely Coastal, along with some other great bloggers.
Be sure to check it out!
I'll be back later to post another project I'm working on.
Have a great day!

Gotta spread the word!

Fort Worth JBF

Ok, so I am running around painting, sewing, blowing my nose and folding laundry but I got to put a little plug in here for something really great. (no I am not being paid either)
I know a lot of you bloggers just happen to double as mothers, as do I. So in case you have yet to hear, or go and see this, then please don't waste another moment. I'm talking about the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale! I've been going there twice a year for the last three years and I love it. Here in Fort Worth, TX area it's one of the biggest (if not the biggest) consignment sales around. With literally hundreds of consignors then you can pick up your kids whole season wardrobe no problem. Need beds, strollers, carseats, toys? They have all that and more!
I actually shopped last night and came home with 4 pair of pants/shorts, 1 pair of shoes and 11 shirts for just $88 dollars (I wasn't really shopping "cheap" either). I think about 90% of them are name brand too.
With locations all over the United States then there just might be one in your area. It's super easy to become a consignor or a volunteer so that you can make some money too.
So check out this link here to see if there is one in your area.
Happy Shopping!

A hearty round of applause, and a little sneak peak...

Just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by to read my humble little blog this last week! I appreciate every one of your comments and all of you that have chosen to "follow" me recently. You would laugh if you saw how many times I check to see if someone else is following. You would think I had won the lottery each time!
Unfortunately I caught yet another cold this weekend and didn't get hardly any of my many projects done. But I did find some cute pillows at Pier 1 for just $2.98 each on clearance!(plus I had a gift card)
The Pier 1 pillow is the striped one, the other paisley one is from Ross that I got for just $2.99, alas they had only one...

I also picked up some remnants of fabric from Hobby Lobby to fashion into my little birds for the baby crib mobile that I featured earlier this week. Not sure that I will use all three together but they were all so cute and for $1.50 each, they didn't break the bank.

Last but not least here's a peak into the boys room. I loved the suggestion of painting the wall a lighter blue and then glazing it for a denim look, but I had to go cheap and "quick". I'm so tired of this room being in upheaval (although it normally is anyway) and I'm ready to finish things up!

As you can tell, the painting is hit-or-miss as I try out the color on various parts of the walls. For those of you out there that are deathly afraid of picking the wrong color then I strongly suggest getting the awesome little paint samples that almost all home improvement stores are now selling. They cover an amazing amount of space so that you can really get a feel of what the finished look will be.

Be sure to stop back in through the week since I do plan on posting some (hopefully) completed projects. Including, "How to make simple euro shams out of curtains". I'll also give you a look into my "baby" room (he's 1 now and growing too fast!) and see what you think.
As always, thanks for stopping by!

spice it up from dreamy whites

How do you feel about these little lovelies?

Please indulge me on one more picture...

That's what I thought, you just drooled on your keyboard. The great news is that you can skip on over to Dreamy Whites and put your name in the hat for a win! Maria is graciously giving away a whole set (0-9) plus throwing in an extra "1" to make it 11 little spice jars! My use of exclamation marks is a must because these Anthropologie jars are so wonderful!
So what are you still doing here? Get going and Good Luck!

I fell for O so D

I had to add just one more inspirational blog before I head back to real life.
Kelly, over at O So D had one of the most helpful posts. She did a post titled "boy oh boys". Now some of you may know that I have 2 boys and one husband and they have approximately 50-60 different kinds of balls, bats and other various things that can smash, crash and ruin stuff. That's fine, I want them to have those things, so what I love about Kelly's post is that she found a way to live with a great looking house but also without fear of ruining her stuff.

Be sure to click on the link to her website as well for some more beautiful pictures.

And last but not least...

Can you guess who I'm talking about?

I would be so remiss if I didn't pay tribute to the inspiration of all inspirations. Her blog was the first I had ever really "seen". When I say "seen" I mean, the first that actually made sense to me in the way that I finally understood what all the fuss about blogging was.

I have painted my kitchen the same color as hers and I was going to paint my cabinets in the same fashion, but decided that my humble kitchen is much too dark. She has a million idea's that I would love to emulate, a million accessories that I would love to have as my own, and enough talent to cover the state of Texas.

Why such high praise you ask? I am a blogger today because of her and because of reading her blog it created a landslide of idea's for me, as well as giving me a kick in the seat to get going on some of them.

So to anyone that reads this and has not seen The Lettered Cottage, then please do so. Your life might just get a little bit brighter.

The Making of the Baby Mobile

I love cute crib mobiles and so far I have not had one for either of my kids. I think the time has come for a change. Though I have no "babies" at this moment, I think my 1 year old would still like it, and I know that I would!

So after searching for a cute "DIY Mobile" then I actually stumbled across this one on made 2 cREate.
She made the most addorable mobile for only about $4! Now that is my kind of deal.

Go see what I'm talking about here, and as always, tell me what you think!

The Lovely Color of White

I love white things. I love white rooms. I love white. I have pretty much nothing in my house that is white, and that makes me sad. I did find an amazing, beautiful blog called Dreamy Whites. You have got to check out her home decor, especially her use of old doors. There is nothing about the way that she puts things together that I don't like.

Have you ever thought of displaying your hat on an old lamp?

She has inspired me to not be afraid to paint my bedroom walls the white that I have dreamed of. Go visit her blog and let me know what inspires you.

A Great Door Makeover

I was just over on another blog called Vintage Simple and she had the greatest idea to redo bifold doors. I just happen to have some in my youngest sons room that I would love to try this out on. Check out what she did here and be sure and let me know what you think.

Would love to see your easy, and simple redo idea's too!

It's a Land of Inspiration

This week I am doing posts on other idea's and blogs that I have found inspiring. Be sure to check each one out and let them know what you think, then let me know what you think too! There are some exceptionally creative people out there and I can't wait to show you the ones that I have discovered. If you know of someone that I have yet to see, or you are that someone, then leave a comment with a link.


Sunshine On My Shoulders

A day to mark on your calenders, maybe on your loved ones forehead is Sunday March 14, the start of daylight savings! I can hardly wait to turn those clocks forward and start watching the sun stream through my windows a little more each day. Until then I will bask in the joy of pictures of sun and such. I was browsing through a few sites and came across some wonderful shots of outdoor spaces and thought I would share them with you.

Can't you just imagine drinking a tall glass of mint iced tea here?


I can picture lounging on this porch while talking on the phone to my sisters.

This Old House

I'm pretty sure I would sit here year round and just look at the mountains in the background. A warm drink or a cool one would work here.

Pottery Barn

Another spot that you could use in all seasons.

Pottery Barn

This would be such a fun spot to sit with family and friends! Just picture it on hot, steamy nights with a deck of cards.

Coastal Living

Ooh, this is perfect to sit with your partner and talk, or say nothing at all.

Brown and Jordan

I love that this spot makes you think of years past, even if you don't have that many years to think back on.


This spot is so fun, great for kids and adults alike.


This bench can tell a thousand stories. The pillows complete a perfect picture.


Need I say anything at all...


The depth of this porch makes it so versatile. It could host a luncheon, a family gathering or a toy train set.


I know that someone sits here and watches as people stroll down the street. At night you can hear a host of crickets sing into the dark.

Have you seen a cooler looking spot to sit? I swear I felt a breeze as I looked at this picture.

I'm pretty sure I can now make it a few more weeks.
Tell me where your favorite outdoor spot is!

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