A hearty round of applause, and a little sneak peak...

Just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by to read my humble little blog this last week! I appreciate every one of your comments and all of you that have chosen to "follow" me recently. You would laugh if you saw how many times I check to see if someone else is following. You would think I had won the lottery each time!
Unfortunately I caught yet another cold this weekend and didn't get hardly any of my many projects done. But I did find some cute pillows at Pier 1 for just $2.98 each on clearance!(plus I had a gift card)
The Pier 1 pillow is the striped one, the other paisley one is from Ross that I got for just $2.99, alas they had only one...

I also picked up some remnants of fabric from Hobby Lobby to fashion into my little birds for the baby crib mobile that I featured earlier this week. Not sure that I will use all three together but they were all so cute and for $1.50 each, they didn't break the bank.

Last but not least here's a peak into the boys room. I loved the suggestion of painting the wall a lighter blue and then glazing it for a denim look, but I had to go cheap and "quick". I'm so tired of this room being in upheaval (although it normally is anyway) and I'm ready to finish things up!

As you can tell, the painting is hit-or-miss as I try out the color on various parts of the walls. For those of you out there that are deathly afraid of picking the wrong color then I strongly suggest getting the awesome little paint samples that almost all home improvement stores are now selling. They cover an amazing amount of space so that you can really get a feel of what the finished look will be.

Be sure to stop back in through the week since I do plan on posting some (hopefully) completed projects. Including, "How to make simple euro shams out of curtains". I'll also give you a look into my "baby" room (he's 1 now and growing too fast!) and see what you think.
As always, thanks for stopping by!


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