New Face, New Day

As I'm sure you've noticed, I've changed things up a bit. A face lift can be a healthy thing at some stages of life, but only if yours was formerly brown with scrolls.

Life has been crummy as of late, sickness has struck and water has encroached upon us like creepy fingers reaching out to grab our ankles. Ok, maybe it's not that bad, but as some have known we "formerly" had some leakage in our family room at the back of our house. (I can now strike formerly from the sentence since the water is back.) We have an awesome contractor (he did not build this house) who is desperately trying to help us figure this out and has done a valiant job of it. We had weep holes drilled into our brick thinking that would fix it. Nah. This winter in Texas has been especially wet and the wall of the family room is facing due north, unfortunately the same direction that the chilly winds blow this time of year.

The long and short of it is, contractor came again, insurance-inspector-guy came and now we know that we need to spend a few hours hosing down the exterior walls of our abode to try and recreate the madness. Will we grow mushrooms you ask? Will we die of black mold you ask? Will we throw our rain boots through the window you ask?

Yes to all the above.

Wish us luck in our endeavors and if you see a 1400 square foot brick home with some skinny little arms (mine of course) flailing out the windows as it drifts down some lonesome river...give a wave and throw us some pop-tarts and bologna. My boys need some sort of nourishment.


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