Making a Euro Sham out of a curtain


I had been shopping around for some new euro shams for my sons bed and couldn't find any affordable ones, so when I picked up this pair of curtains at Target on clearance for $10 then I was very happy, and as I mention a few times here, I have plans for the scraps as well.
This is a super easy sham to make since you are only sewing two seams and a button hole. You can even leave the button hole out and have a faux button with a snap, or nothing at all. You can do this for a regular size pillow sham as well.
These are simple tab-top curtains, 60 inches long and 41 1/2 wide.

I took my seam ripper and took all the "tabs" off and set them aside to use on a different project.

I then took my pillow and lay it on the cloth to see how I wanted everything to be laid out and figure out how much I needed to cut off. I took about 11 1/2 inches off one side(I also set aside to use on my other project). Use the bottom hem to be showing on the outside.

Taking my seam ripper once more, I carefully ripped out the opposite side seam to reduce bulk. (this step is not strictly necessary)

Turn the fabric wrong side down and lay your pillow back down. Pin one side together and then just mark where you want your seam on the other side and remove the pillow.

Mark your seams and pin the sides together then sew each of your side seams, making sure you double sew over any of the "stress" points.

Try it out on the pillow to make sure it fits correctly before clipping your seams.

Mark where you want your button hole and then sew.

I then fit the cover back on the pillow to see where the button fits best and sew it on.
All done!

Would love to see yours if you try it out. There are so many ways you can do this and different styles as well!


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