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Ok, so I am running around painting, sewing, blowing my nose and folding laundry but I got to put a little plug in here for something really great. (no I am not being paid either)
I know a lot of you bloggers just happen to double as mothers, as do I. So in case you have yet to hear, or go and see this, then please don't waste another moment. I'm talking about the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale! I've been going there twice a year for the last three years and I love it. Here in Fort Worth, TX area it's one of the biggest (if not the biggest) consignment sales around. With literally hundreds of consignors then you can pick up your kids whole season wardrobe no problem. Need beds, strollers, carseats, toys? They have all that and more!
I actually shopped last night and came home with 4 pair of pants/shorts, 1 pair of shoes and 11 shirts for just $88 dollars (I wasn't really shopping "cheap" either). I think about 90% of them are name brand too.
With locations all over the United States then there just might be one in your area. It's super easy to become a consignor or a volunteer so that you can make some money too.
So check out this link here to see if there is one in your area.
Happy Shopping!


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