Headboards, blueberries and Robo Fish

How was your weekend? I start my new job today, so you're probably thinking that I spent the weekend relaxing with my family in preparation. Ha! Adam was recording with his band all weekend, so it was just the girls around here (with the exception of Henry, our cat, who I'm quite sure would want me to clarify that he's not a she, if only he could talk). And even though I was mostly in mom mode, this happened:

While Hannah was sleeping, I finished painting and now the headboard is hanging out in our garage to cure. Hopefully I'll get a chance to install it and snap some pictures this week. I've periodically gone into the garage to gaze at it (because that is not at all weird) and I'm pretty excited about how it turned out. Of course, you never know until you see it in the room.

It poured all day on Saturday, but Hannah and I braved the weather to go grocery shopping. We got blueberries and clearly she loved them.

We also finally tried out the Robo Fish my dad gave her. I'm not going to lie, I was equally enthralled.

I made this carrot and lentil soup for dinner last night. It was delicious. And now I have lunch for the week :)


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