Guest room headboard: before

Whether Craigslist or Kijiji is more popular in your city, you've probably had the experience of spotting a great deal and rushing to send a reply (anyone else hate it when the seller insists on phone calls?), only to find out that someone's ahead of you in line. Enter crushing disappointment. Seriously, I was second-in-line for a set of matching teak chairs (at a ridiculously low price) more than two years ago and I still think about them with sadness.

It happened to me again on Tuesday, but I still emailed the seller back and asked her - without much hope - to let me know if it didn't work out. Well, the buyer never showed and yesterday morning this headboard was delivered to my door:

(WHY have we not tiled our entry yet?! I really am going to get on that.)

It's not much to look at right now, but with a little paint I think it's going to be all kinds of awesome. It will be going in our guest room, since it's about time our guests had a proper headboard. Hell, maybe we'll even be inspired to finally install the baseboard in that room.

In terms of colour, I want to go bold. Thanks to the colourful quilt on the end of the bed, I have plenty of (too many?) colours to choose from, but here's a hint as to where my head is at. Stay tuned!

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