That Beachy Feeling {a new sign} & a Story

My mom is an auction guru.
She picks up some pretty cool stuff now and again.
Whenever I make it to Virginia then I have a blast picking through some of the loot.
(She does sell some of it on her own etsy store here)
One such time I was wondering through the forest beside their house,
(being careful to leave a breadcrumb trail for myself).
when I stumbled upon an old broken table.
I took the top to it and turned it into this lovely sign.

The legs and body of the table I sadly had to leave there.
My mom happens to be a kind and thoughtful lady though and before I know it, a broken down table arrives on my doorstep.

I had plans for it.
I truly did.
My plans got delayed and waylaid until I had no plans at all.
I sadly dismantled the poor, forlorn table and started to haul it to the trash...

But the beautiful old wood called my name and I could not bear to leave any of it behind.
Some of its sturdy legs are now working as a trellis for my soon to be dead cucumber plants. 
(How was I to know the trees would leaf out so much that there would be no sunshine for the poor things?)

Some scraps of it still await my imagination.
Some have come to fruition.
I happen to love them.
But the call of the brokendoorslableakdentalworkandmore call me to sell.
Plus, that's why I painted them anyway.
For you.
 I have two, both different sizes. 
You can find them in my etsy store.
The table is happy again.
I am happy for the table.



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