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I know a lot of people like their sofas packed with pillows (I've tried the look, too) and while it looks nice, there's the pesky little problem of how to actually sit on those sofas. The summer issue of Emma Magazine has a great feature on sofa styling by Kirsten of Simply Grove. Unlike similar styling guides I've seen, I like that Kirsten's looks are all stylish and functional (well, depending on your feelings about the practicality of white sofas).

Here are several examples of the 'less is more' approach that I love:

via HGTV

via Lonny Mag

via Domino Mag

via From Scandinavia with Love
via Domino Mag

via Style at Home

I also love the tucked blanket look. It's practical and a great way to add an additional punch of colour, pattern or texture to your sofa, while still leaving plenty of room to sit.

via Emily Henderson

via Lonny Mag

I know this one violates my pillow rule, but I love the plaid throw too much not to share :)

Here are a couple of other helpful sofa styling guides - whether you like lots of pillows or only a few:


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