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In case you missed it, I started a new job last week. I'm loving it so far - great people, interesting and challenging work, shorter commute - but when I accepted the position, my new manager warned me that I would be trading in my office for a cubicle. My company's office is certified LEED Platinum, so luckily I still have a great view and lots of natural light, and I'm oddly excited to add some personality to my desk area - something I never did in six years of having my own office.

I've already purchased a snake plant - did you know they're easy to care for and help improve air quality? - and my aunt gifted me a beautiful piece of pottery (similar to #4) that I use as a pen holder. In addition to the Etsy art, I'm planning to print one or two photos of Hannah, so I can sneak peeks at her sweet face while I work.

So, do you have an office or a cubicle? And, more importantly, have you decorated it?


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