Hannah's monthly photo

Hannah turned 10 months old last Wednesday. We see more of her personality each day; Adam and I both agree that this month's photo captures it almost perfectly.

Photographing Hannah keeps getting harder, since she's always on the move. She's a speedy crawler and makes a beeline for anything she can use to pull herself up to standing. She's started moving from object to object - or object to person - while standing, but her balance is a work-in-progress ;)

She loves most foods - lately hummus is a favourite, along with toast dipped in egg yolk (Adam has already passed on his love of hot breakfast). We've been trying to teach her how to use a sippy cup, but she prefers to drink from our water bottles (either way, she wants you to do the holding). Her current favourite song is 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm' and her favourite book is a picture book of pets, so I guess that means she's an animal lover.

She's handled my return to work really well, which is awesome (of course it helps that she's at home with Adam during the day). We get to hang out before I leave for work each morning and I'm home in time to play, feed her, bathe her and put her to bed. I still can't believe that she's nearly one. We've booked a family photo shoot with our favourite photographer next month and I can't wait!


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