An Inspiring Brunch: 5 Tips for a Successful Gathering

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I had the pleasure this weekend of working with some amazing women from my MOPS group to put together a brunch for some of our leaders.

It was such a pleasure to do this and I realized how much it totally fills my heart to bless others with my passion for design and styling.
It was so fun! And I learned a lot along the way, so I thought I would pass a few things that I learned and some tips along to you  guys.
As we enter the summer entertaining season, I thought it couldn't be more timely!

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Here are 5 super quick tips to help you along the way...

No man  {or woman} is an island. Don't do it alone.
If you have friends who have expressed that they would like to help, now is the time to accept that invitation. Divide and conquer. Figure out what everyone's strengths are (menu planning, seating and logistics, etc.) and let them operate in those areas.
If this is your business, it's great to have someone to partner with to bounce ideas off of.

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Event planning, whether for 10 or 1,000 is no easy task. You have to take everything into account from special diet needs to wants and needs of guests. When my friend and I were planning the brunch for these ladies, we had our moments for sure but at the end of the day what really kept us grounded was knowing that we were putting this together to be a blessing to these ladies who had worked so hard throughout the year to be a blessing to so many others. We continued, through the process, to stay positive [sometimes through laughs and tears] and focus on what our purpose was. This was key.
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Depending on your timeline, you may or may not be able to come up with extravagant ideas or have the ability to execute the "perfect" plan.
I tend to think that regardless of how much time you have, you've got to keep it simple. It makes for a much smoother process.
For this brunch I started with a theme and even though we had a VERY limited timeline to work with, we achieved what I'd envisioned for the day. {By the GRACE of GOD!} Simple elements like burlap and fresh flowers made for an overall elegant and classic presentation.

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Or, hire a photographer. We all know that photography is big these days and there are all sorts of photographers out there capturing great memories and moments for little cost. Doing a little research will benefit you greatly for this one. Be sure to check your local ads for freelance photographers or ask around, you're more than likely to find someone who's just really has a good eye and knows their way around a camera. I had an amazing friend who is starting her photography business and was more than happy to help me with photography. She was amazing!  

I think the hardest thing for me with any project is remembering to smile and laugh in the midst of all the planning, budgeting, painting, rearranging...I forget that the whole reason I do any of this is because it's my passion. It's fun.
When planning an event, remember to breathe and have fun. Whether it's your business or just a side gig, you're ultimately using your time, talents and skills to bless others. Be confident in those gifts and go for it!
So, that's it...5 things I took away from styling this ladies' brunch. I hope your summer is absolutely amazing and FILLED with lots of laughter and good times with friends.
I would love to see your entertaining pics whether it's a big shindig or a patio gathering.

p.s. Having some trouble with my photo editor. Will upload more pics tomorrow!
Be sure to check out my friend's photography page on Facebook and like her. You'll be in for a treat!


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