Favorite Bloggers Friday | A Sidenote

Well, hello friends! I haven't blogged since Sunday...what?

I also haven't been able to snap any photos with my Canon since then. Why? 4 kids. Need I say more? Haha!

Actually, thankfully, it's not my camera that has malfunctioned but my super sweet SD card lost it's life in a wrestling battle. So sad...but not fear, a replacement is on its way. I hope to give you guys an update on a few small changes I've made around here for our rental refresh...that will come next week.

For now, I'd love to share some more of my favorite bloggers out in Blogland with you!
Please head over to each of their blogs, follow, leave some comment love...

ANNIE WEST | And She Will Fly

First is Annie West of And She Will Fly. Doesn't the name alone just inspire you?
Annie is one of a kind and her big heart and sense of humor will send you flying...pun intended.
She is uber talented, has an unbelievably cute personality and her photography skills...flawless. Head on over and pay Annie a visit and be sure to tell her I sent you! If you are on Instagram you can follow her here as well.

 KAYLA| K.R. Dixon Designs
Next up is Kayla Dixon of K.R. Dixon Designs. Kayla is a Pacific North Westerner and I just had to show her some love! I just love her style and enjoy following her and all of her fun projects and designs on Instagram. When you get a moment, head on over to her blog and follow along!
You know those people you just see or text after messaging them via social media and you just know you're meant to be friends? What? You don't do that? Ha! Well, Kenya is one of those people. As I transition in my biz she has been such a great sounding board and virtual friend. I will finally get to meet her next month and I am SO excited! Kenya is such a neat person. She blogs, owns her own shop and even her own redesign biz. If you are in ATL metro area...see her! If you're not, well...you can at least follow her on Instagram, blog and even shop her brick and mortar online if you can't make it into her shop. I just love Kenya!
You. Will. Be. Inspired. Period.
Holly of Holly Mathis Interiors is such a talented woman, blogger, stylist...the list goes on and I just love seeing all that she does and how inspiring she and her designs are. Every square inch of her blog/site will leave you wanting to read more, see more, do more. Just love it. Check out Holly and her blog and be sure to follow along so you don't miss out on all the fun!
And that wraps up this week's Favorite Bloggers Friday!
Until Sunday....much love.


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