An Entryway Refresh for only $15 | 5 Ways to Add Personality to a Small Entryway

Hi Friends!

Oh my, this week has literally blazed right by and I cannot believe that it's already Thursday.
How has your week been? With Veteran's Day this past Monday, we have had non-stop LIFE over here! Ha!
I've got projects out the wazoo that I need to complete, some for myself and some for friends and my list of wants just seems to keep growing and growing.
One thing I did have time for was adding a little something to our entry. Now, the foyer of our rental home is pretty small and can sometimes feel a bit cluttered and overwhelming at times but what better way to make it feel fresh and new than to add a little texture and greenery?

I picked up these two hanging baskets from Williams-Sonoma a little over a month ago and originally they were on our mantel just because I wasn't really sure about their placement. I knew that I would use them in some way though.
After the original ferns I'd placed inside eh, hm...died. I purchased some single stem greenery from a local grocer for $3.99 and the hanging baskets only cost me $10.00. So, with tax, this little refresh was less than $15.00.
I am thinking of just about any way I can to add a little personality to this rental of ours and who doesn't love fresh greenery especially when it has berries.
Um, yes please.
You will have to forgive me for so many pics. My hubby traveled to China for business last week and brought a sweet little gift back for me in the form of a new lens. This is my chance to play around with it a little bit. I have SO much to learn!
I thought I would also share a few inspirational photos and a few tips for all of you out there with small entryways like ours. I didn't share the entire view {mostly cause ours is a mess right now} but trust me when I say it's teeny tiny. I will share more photos of this space along with an update of how things are going with the living space in the next Rental Redo post.

In this case, a chalkboard one. Isn't this just too cute and at an entry, it would be a great space to leave notes for the kids or for a spouse or even to make lists and special guest messages. I LOVE this!  

And not just any old mirror, make it a good one and be sure it's just the right size for the space. We all know that mirrors can make a small space look much larger by reflecting parts a room. Another great idea is to not just add one mirror but a collection of vintage ones, some of all shapes and sizes, etc. can add just the right touch to a small entry.

Of course these are oh so trendy right now but they aren't just trendy, they are functional. Adding simple lines to a short wall can give the illusion of length hence tricking the eye into thinking that the given space is much larger and longer than it actually is.

THIS is my next step in ours. If it's not organized but the rest of your home is put together, it can definitely give the wrong vibes to guests entering the home. Free the space of clutter and create a space that is not only pretty but functional.
This one is surely my opinion but you just can't go wrong with a gallery wall. The one below is more symmetrical but you could add just about any type of frame or wall d├ęcor to fit your home's style or your own personality.
All images can be found here.
I also just wanted to take a sec to say thanks to you guys for following along and for commenting, giving advice, opinions and thoughts along the way on this rental refresh. It's been so much fun to add a little bit of me to this place we are temporarily calling home all while sticking to a pretty tight budget.
I absolutely love sharing this adventure with all of you!

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