Baby Steps...In The Baby Room

As you've heard, our weather here in Texas has been cold, wet, freezing and chilly. Did I mention cold? Oh and icy and snowy. Once more it's just not that great for trying to spray paint outside. I really don't want my crib freeze painted.

Here is what I have been doing though... just small little things.

Hobby Lobby was once again my very best friend when I found these knobs for half off, making them $2.50 each. The closet door had one wooden knob before, so anything would have been an improvement, but I love the vintage look they add to some rather boring doors.

I also finished off this mirror with some of my left-over paint from Caromal Colours. The mirror was a dark stained frame, and I decided to once more go light and bright!

You can see that I used the paint to do more of a textured finish. (I simply smooshed and bounced my brush instead of stroking.) I used some of the tea stained glaze that I purchased from them as well, wiped it off with a damp rag and let it dry. Of course I finished with a light sanding. Easy peasy.

Remember this list that I posted when I revealed my baby room wall?
1. Redo vintage stool
2. Paint stripes on walls
3. Redo collage wall
4. Paint other mirror
5. Paint crib
6. Paint small hutch
7. Make new crib bedding
8. Add a few pillows to the full size bed
9. Paint dresser to go in closet
10. Organize closet
11. Make a mobile

You may notice there are a few more items "struck" off the list (as well as one added). Take a closer look and you'll see that Paint dresser to go in closet is "stricken" (is that a word?) off the list!!

I also got to mark through Organize closet much to my delight! (More on this task in a later post.)

Last, but not least... Many of you read my baby bedding rant here and I got lots of suggestions and ideas. (thank you by the way!)
A dear friend of mine sent me a link that was pure gold!
I fell in love with the tattered charm of this baby bedding. I didn't fall in love with the price though, so I will be trying to make it myself in a few weeks
If you hear wailing and screaming, then you know that I've started and it's going I don't like sewing.

Oh, if you want to see where this amazing bedding came from and some more of their stuff, then click here.

Time marches on and I am determined to finish this up before I hit the 7 month mark. That gives me almost exactly one month.... Yow!
Yup, that's the real deal.
Stay in touch for more details of the dresser and the closet.


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