Cheap Dresser Redo

You all know I'm all about cheap. Not always a good thing I tell ya.

With having our 3rd child and Jack moving in with Beau and sharing his dresser, then I decided it was time to upgrade the baby dresser from this...

to this.

I know it's not so pretty huh. The good news is, it was already in our garage since this was my husbands dresser since before we got married (this dresser is chee-eap!). It had been just sitting there waiting to be sold at a yard sale, but I decided to recycle it instead.

So I painted it first. Then I decided to add some numbers to it before I put the hardware back on. I wanted something very simple and light.

I used the tried and true method of rub on with a pencil. First you print out your text in whatever size you desire. Use the "mirror image" option in your print preferences so that it prints backward. Trace over it with a pencil, really heavy.

Place it on your desired location (print side down) and scribble over it with the pencil again.

Remove your paper and Whaaalaah! It's all ready to be painted!

I took the hardware that was previously on the dresser, added some Caromal Colours Paint and Glaze (because it sticks to anything!) and put them back on the dresser.


The very best part of it all was that it was totally, completely....


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