Help me choose a makeover for this darling side table

I found this side table at Value Village yesterday for $7.99 (I went back for a table that, sadly, someone else had smartly snapped up, but this was a great consolation prize). The legs are wood, but the top looks and feels like MDF, so it needs to be painted. The plan is to use it outdoors, on our future patio. I can't decide what direction to take it in, so I've narrowed it down to a few options and I'm hoping you can help me choose.

Option 1


I love how my dipped chair turned out, so it could be fun to try something similar with this table. I like West Elm's crisp white version, but I could also go for a glossy green or a warm pink.

Option 2



Speaking of colour, this could be the perfect excuse to finally try the neon trend. Oh, and I'll take a pair of those chairs, thankyouverymuch.

Option 3




I swear I didn't purposely correspond the number of images to the option number, by the way. A good friend gave me a book on stencilling for my birthday and it has me feeling inspired to try something a little different. I'm especially digging the triangles in the first and third images.

So, there you have it. Which option gets your vote?


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