Spray-painting a light fixture (without taking it down)

It was a beautiful day here yesterday, so I took advantage of the opportunity to leave the front door open and gave our entryway light a little update. It was so easy. I took the old shade off, taped cardboard to the ceiling and a sandwich bag over the light, then broke out the spray paint (Rustoleum's Metallic spray paint in ORB). 

Hannah and I went for a long walk while it dried (Adam stayed home with the open door) and then we hit up Home Depot for a new shade. I ended up choosing the 2013 version of the fixture's original globe shade.

Since I already owned the spray paint, I only spent $7.99 on the update (the cost of the new shade). I thought about buying a new light fixture altogether and did a lot of searching, but I kept coming back to this cute little globe. I think it suits our entryway - it just needed an update for 2013.

Here's the After & Before:

Not the best pictures, but you get the idea. So, what are you spray-painting these days?


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