Another kitchen update

I've been busy painting lately. The lower kitchen cupboards are done, save for a few touch-ups. The colour is Behr's 'Paramount' - thanks to your input. Initially, we planned to add Shaker trim to the doors, but we had trouble finding the right lumber and then we got a bit lazy ;)

The hardware is already on the drawers, but I can't decide whether to go horizontal or vertical on the doors.

Adam is leaning towards vertical, but I like the horizontal look. Here's a kitchen that uses both looks - which do you prefer?

source: apartment therapy

In other kitchen news, this tile is going on the countertop:

It looks a little dull in photos, but in person the finish is super glossy (that vertical line at the bottom is actually the reflection of my iPad). The tile is a high-quality porcelain, so we get the look of natural stone without the maintenance, which is perfect for how we live (we can be slobs in the kitchen). The counter edges will be trimmed with moulding and painted the same colour as the base cabinets. Adam's dad is going to help us with the tiling and he's a pretty busy man, but I'll share an update with you as soon as I have one!


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