DIY ribbon magnets

I was inspired by this project to DIY some magnets of my own. I painted our fridge with chalkboard paint last October (a good wash, light sanding - no priming - and it's held up great, for anyone who's interested) and I wanted to dress up the side that faces the entry. Now, when we come home we're greeted with photos from past vacations and other fun memories.

So far all the photos are prints I already had, but I want to add some more recent photos of Hannah and last summer's road trip. I'm looking for an easy, affordable way to print Instagram photos (from more than one account). Any ideas?

The magnets were so quick and easy to make. My mom gave me a bunch of truly beautiful ribbon in my stocking this year (I'm a 30 year-old woman who still gets a Christmas stocking stuffed full of goodies from her mom - don't judge) and this seemed like a fun way to use it.

I found rolls of magnetic tape at the dollar store (in the craft aisle). One side is coated in adhesive, so all I had to do was cut the roll into pieces with my rotary cutter (another stocking stuffer) and stick the ribbon to the adhesive side. The ribbon was too narrow for the magnet, so I used my rotary cutter to trim the excess. I also used a little Fray Check glue to keep the ends from fraying.

I'm not confident that the adhesive will hold over time, so I'm planning to brush each magnet with a little Modge Podge to protect the ribbon and ensure it stays stuck. Of course, you could make this project even easier by using washi tape instead of ribbon.

Another shot of the view into the kitchen from the entry now. I'm on the hunt for some cute magnetic letters and numbers in the hopes that they'll distract Hannah from trying to eat my ribbon magnets. She hasn't noticed them yet, but it's only a matter of time!


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