d.o.t.'s creations - Otherwise known as my NEW Etsy Store!

Do you see it right over there to the right?

I sure did.

I opened another Etsy store.

I'm not crazy.

I have my stores just for fun, so I add stuff and work on stuff when I can.

My new store is all about the kids, the baby and the mommy.

With stuff like this...
These are my diaper bag organizing totes. I made some for my own use first and I am loving them! Not sure about you but for me than adding another child to your life can make things feel a little out of control. It's great to be able to add little things that make you feel just a little bit more sane!
More patterns will be added soon!
I also have just a few of these for fun! I have some ideas for a couple more items I would like to make, so keep checking back!

I also marked down some stuff in my Virginia House Store, so be sure to "click" by there as well!


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