Change is Good...

Wow! It's been a loooong time since I've last updated the blog. Well, things have definitely changed around here since my last post. I am working on getting the blog up and running properly with an awesome chica from here.

After two years on hiatus, in January of this year, I finally decided to come out of hiding and participate in a local craft fair. Now, starting this far ahead of time for a show isn't my normal M.O. BUT remember...change is good.

View of part of my booth at the fair

Vintage Hutch SOLD $320
This is a hutch that I refinished for a client. For some reason, I can't  figure out where most of my before pics are so I'll have to post those later but this one was a mess! The after? LOVED it! Most importantly, the client did too!  

The funny thing about this show is that half of the pieces that I sold at this show were either purchased by neighbors (yup, neighbors) or purchased before I even got to take everything over to the fair! There were a  few pieces, however, that were not soooooo I trucked them down to the site. 

It was worth it. I met a lot of awesome people and made some new friends. 


As many other restoration, junk, refurb lovers who have blazed trails before me, the style of my furniture and refinishing has changed a lot since I started this a few years ago. Still funky. Still fun. More class. Well, at least I think so... *smile*

So, in light of that, I decided to try something new via inspiration from this awesome lady.

Signs. I absolutely love painting them. I was totally terrified at first since the painting is a free hand job after getting the letters on but they turn out way better than I ever expect and are so fun to create!

Most of these sold but I'll be posting a few in my Etsy shop in a few days.

Yummy Turquoise Dresser $290 SOLD
Market Sign $30

Yummy turquoise dresser $290 SOLD (pictured BEFORE holes were closed-LOL)

Cottage Sign $25 SOLD
Home Sign $25 


I lucked up here on the island and found a really cool spot called Re-Use Hawai'i. You can read more about them here. They have a warehouse full of salvaged furniture, hardware and other reusable items pulled from demo jobs or donated to them by local contractors, builders, refurbers,etc. Pretty cool place...anyhow, they have a lumber yard FULL of all kinds of salvaged wood. This is what I use to make my signs. Some of them come "raw". Some with layers of paint. Some chippy. Some not. I love them because they all have their own personality and add that special finishing touch to the final product. 

Antique Dresser $375 SOLD

"BLESSED" Pennant Style  Decoupaged Banner $12

Antique Extending Dining Table $320 SOLD

Altogether, it was a great show! I got to meet lots of amazing people and do what I love most-socialize and talk to people about junk!

More to come later. The journey continues...thanks for riding along with m


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