Scalloped perfection

I spent most of last week in Toronto on business, which was awesome, mostly because Toronto was awesomely warm and sunny. And since Toronto is a lot closer to Ottawa than Halifax is, I took advantage of the opportunity to spend the weekend with a couple of girlfriends there. It involved lots of eating, shopping, chatting, and a pedicure. In other words, it was an all-around good time and a nice break from house prettying-up.

So while I haven't had time to take on any big projects lately, I did tackle a couple of small but satisfying ones (posts to come). A couple of weeks ago, I found this super-cute plate at Homesense for a few bucks and knew it would be the perfect addition to my expanding hanging plate display.

I picked up an inexpensive plate hanger at Canadian Tire and in just a few minutes, my new plate was on the wall. It's quite possibly my favourite one so far, so let's admire it shall we?


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