Before and not so after...

Okay, so I have all these wonderful pieces of furniture just waiting for me to work my magic. The problem is...well, my magic isn't so magical right now and my mojo went out the door? Well, you get it...I have the worst case of "furniture refinisher's block" EVER!!! 

Can someone please help me! Please? What's my biggest hang up? Figuring out what color everything should be and finding the most perfect fabrics to please the eye and the home...can I just get to the "after" already? Geeeezzzz!

P.S. BTW, today I had all the furniture above outdoors to begin sanding and refinishing and I look out the window as I prepared sandwiches for my kiddos and guess was raining! We ALLLL know what my first thought was! I screamed (freaking my kids out) and ran out the door to pick everything up, get it back into the garage and dried off before any real damage took place. Phew! Disaster WAS avoided! Thank you, Lord!


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