In Love with Turk

Okay, in my search to find the PERFECT fabric and colors for my refinishing projects, I have stumbled upon a woman. A designer. A maven, in her own right, whose work is absolutely stunning! Her name? Trina Turk! Many of you may be familiar with her work in the fashion industry but Turk is turning out new and exciting things in interior design.

Turk's vibrant prints and classic styles with a hint of mod and a pop of retro keep most of her fans begging for more. (And now, this would include moi)

"Sprucing" up with Turk...
While searching for more Trina Turk I found some designers who are in love with her fab prints too! The shop? Spruce Home. The place? Austin, TX and well, Etsy too! Spruce mixes vintage textiles and colorful patterns to create unique and eclectic pieces for your home or commercial space. 

This sofa is to die for and the color choices are absolutely magnificent: cocoa brown and deep red. Love it!

OH! And I almost forgot this wonderful work of art from Spruce. These ladies are TRULY talented. Hats off...
Appropriately named "Constellation". Absolutely amazing work. 

Check them out at to learn more about their creative designs or you can shop them at

In all this, my search continues...wish me luck!

P.S. Happy Earth Day!


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