What do you think about family traditions? I have to say that I have mixed feelings. If they are my family traditions then they are great, but if they are someone elses then they are dumb. Wait, I think the problem is that I'm just jealous that I didn't think of the idea first. So all in in all I think they are pretty cool.

My oldest sister started a pretty cool one with the birth of our first nephew years ago and has continued it for each of the 12 grandchildren that have followed (more to come too!). She had a pewter cup engraved with their name and birth date. They are timeless heirlooms that make you feel a little richer each time you look at them. Granted I would feel even more rich if they were silver, but she's not made out of money. So, she now has two little girls of her own and I took it upon myself to continue the tradition for her girls. I found some beautiful cups at Shirley Pewter Shop in Williamsburg , VA. I didn't actually go there, but purchased them on the website

So tell me what your traditions are, and don't mind if I steal your idea.


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