Now You See Me...Now You Don't

You see him down there waving hi? (or maybe bye?) Well once again, that's why you don't see me too much around these here parts.
He's hit the 2 month mark already, but his tummy is all infanty (new word there). These things don't last forever though...

Is there anything cuter than baby feet?
I've heard they might be coming out with a maintenance free model of the above pictured item. I think we'll pass on an upgrade though, we kinda like the one we got;-)

So I'll be popping in and out to say hello and such, but my projects are all shelved for now. Running over with some ideas though, so once my boys are all grown (15 years or so?) then I'll be catching up on some of them. Heh-heh.
That really is a joke there I think. I do hope to do a few things before then.

Canada may have come to the rescue. I'll let you know...



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