Memaw's Dish...

I love old things. I love the smell. The look. The feel of all things vintage. Old. Antique. Whatever.

I love how old things can bring back memories.

Memories from childhood. When things seemed so much more simple than now.
I have one old thing that I have that I will cherish for life. Funny thing. I never use it. Why do we do that?

Every now and then I pull it out and smell it. Sometimes, in my mind, it smells like her. My "Memaw" that is...the strongest, sweetest, best hug givin' woman I have known.

This was hers. To heirloom. Thanks for the memories Mema. (Oh, and you too, Marie!)


To see more memory giving heirlooms hop over to Emma Calls Me Mama where she's having an awesome Heirloom Party.

Best of Memories,


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