The Road Home

WARNING!!!!! This is one LOOOONGG post so be sure you have a lot of time on your hands, that you are seated and have beverage in hand! LOL!

So, after 11 hours of travel from Oahu to Alabama, we finally made it safely. Oh, I was absolutely elated to finally be ON THE GROUND and to back in the South. There were so many great and fun things awaiting our, friends, great food and TONS of junkin' joys!

I had camera in tow, or, at least I thought I did for all of my junk explorations! Little did I know, it was hiding quietly in a bag that I left behind soooooo, I will have to do my best to share pics that others took for me or some shared via the lovely internet. It's okay...I have already dealt with this unfornutate mishap...kind of.

So, my first stop was in my hometown-Guntersville and from there we journeyed to Boaz, AL to a few antique shops and the infamous Unclaimed Baggage. Wait, you haven't heard of Unclaimed Baggage? It's only the BEST place to shop for ANYTHING! This store takes in all the unclaimed goods for airlines and it just happens to be in ALABAMA!! Is that crazy or what? Soooo, lose something on a plane? Check thi place with two locations to serve you: Scottsboro, AL (the larger, better location) and Boaz, AL.

Back in Guntersville, the ladies from Antique Treasures in Guntersville offer a shop chocked full of primitive, antique and vintage finds. From antique linens and furniture to military emphimera, we were sure to find something to tickle our fancy...(and of course, because of my camera pictures!)

Unclaimed Baggage Opens Second Store

After leaving AL (need I say, quite reluctantly), my baby boy and I journeyed to visit more family and friends in the Peach State-Georgia. Was I ever surprised to find some of the greatest, biggest and best antique/flea market shopping EVER! OMG! I stumbled upon Scott Antique Market located in Jonesboro, GA. This market boasts hundreds of vendors who travel from all over the country to take part in the biggest antique market in the country (at least that's what the show owners claim). I didn't really care about statistics, quite honestly. All I know is that when I walked in I just about fainted right there in the middle of the floor at the door. Actually, I didn't even make it inside before I felt overwhelmingly quiverish.
Scott Antique Market by scottads2003.
Vendors are posted up outside to give you just a taste of what you are in for on the interior.
There was a great vendor just outside the main entrance selling architectural salvage for over 50% less than most. Corbels, gym lockers, pediments...he had it all. Just to let you know how CHEAP...the gym lockers I bought were only $8 a pop...corbels (measuring 30" x 6" a.k.a. "pretty darn big") $25-$45!!! Can you believe this? I didn't get a lot from this market cause my suitcases weren't that big and fees are killer on the airlines these days BUT he is on my list for my Mainland home. Hey, a girl can dream and in this case, my dream WILL come true! And sorry, no pics of this vendor since my camera was "hiding" from me but hopefully the one below will give you a taste of what it was like outside.
deals by Scott.L.
Pic courtesy of Scott L.

And just beyond the perimeter of the Exposition Center is this lovely, lovely, lovely, space.
I am. In love. Officially.
This is the entrance to Love Train Antiques. It looks as though it used ot be some type of gas station of sorts. They sell wholesale to the public. Lots of industrial pieces. Great finds...although I could find no one around when I went inside. So, I just looked around a bit and dreamed about my future home on the Mainland and left. Hoooooo, hummmm.

All LoveTrain pics courtesy of Love Train Antiques
Love Train's booth at market...isn't it lovely?

Old milk bottle carriers at Love Train...these would make adorable planters or holders for whatever I could dream up.

...and more yumminess...
So, back to the inside...there was so much, I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it was but I am going to do my best. Okay, so remember the fainting? Thankfully, it didn't happen while we were there but there was so many booths that made me feel this way.

Like this one...

The Duchess is in the house...
Duchess D, that is. You can bookmark this and this for more hotness from this lady. She has a great eye for revamping and style comparable to none. I met Debbie (aka Duchess D) at the Scott Market also and I believe I have made a wonderful new friend!

Excuse me? Does anyone see what I am seeing? Not only are these chairs absolutely scrumptious but just a peek at that yummy red table is making my mouth water. OMG!

And this one...a reupholstery job done in vintage designer fabric. Like butter...

So, after my farewell to the ATL, baby boy and I hit the air for our flight back to the Islands of Aloha. Aaaaaahhh, parting was such sweet sorrow. Seriously.

Okay, so that's all for now. This post isn't as long as I thought it would be. Darn! I am SURE there will be more to this hands are just tired from typing and well, I am so excited to share this with you all I MUST hit the button!

Until next time,


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