Chalkboard Love'n Part 2

You all ready to see some more chalkboard ideas?

Emidios Room traditional kids
What could be more fun and easy!
SchappacherWhite Ltd. traditional kitchen
What a great background! Perfect for jotting down a quick note or recipe!
Play Areas modern landscape
Want to keep the mess outside? What better way to use a fence!

battleship blue bathroom eclectic bathroom
Give yourself a face lift!

Now my own recent chalkboard adventure.
I claim no original idea here, I've seen this many times recently. It's such a quick and easy way to not only give yourself a bit of jotting space but also add a little something to your pantry door and give the kids a place to write their deepest "thoughts".

I started with some painters tape. I would recommend Frog Tape instead since I had to go back around and fix some spots where the paint had leaked through.

Gave it 3 coats then let it dry for 24 hours. I then "seasoned" with just a dash of chalk.After that it was up to the kids to start giving these chalkboards a story.

I use it all the time to write down grocery needs, menus or a bible verse.

Chalkboard paint is so easy to use, just like normal paint. I've used spray and roll/brush and love both! Obviously spray paint would not work for an indoor job like this, but for a small board, sign or something then I would go with the spray. It's super quick and if it's a hot day then you have like 5 second drying time. (I live in Texas, things dry fast!!;-)

What have you been chalk boarding lately?


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