We Can Do It Cheaper - Making Stamps Cheap!

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I am running waay behind today!

I've been promising you all a tutorial on how to make stamps cheaply. So here we go!

I start with a sheet of this foam stuff. It costs about 25 cents or so per sheet at a craft store.

I always sketch out what I am going to make a stamp of, just to make sure I can do it! I also always have a picture or object in front of me to copy.

I then go ahead and sketch it onto my foam. If you don't like it, then sketch it again!Ready to take a razor and cut it out! This stuff cuts super easy, so be careful to stay on your lines.

With this stamp I had some detail in the middle so I took the blunt end of my razor and scraped out some of the foam and make little ditches so to speak.

You are done! Practice stamping on something that you aren't going to use first to see how it stamps. This one did not work very well on burlap, but did fine on paper and smoother fabric. You may also have to fill in with some paint since stamping with paint can be unpredictable.

Let me know if you try it or have questions!

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