We Can Do It Cheaper - Linkers! Calling All Linkers!!

The Virginia House

Last week then I posted waaaay late and only got a few linkers, but I still found a favorite in the bunch!

Once again Brambleberry Cottage has come up with a winner!
She and her yankee helper took these...

And a few other aged and seasoned pieces....(I would love to go through her stash!)

Vooolah! They made this beautiful little conservatory!

Isn't that just the cats meow? I thought so. Check out the whole thing here.

Lets get a few more links this week shall we? Be sure to come back next week and see what I built! I can't wait to show you how I Did It Cheaper!!
1. Only link your post, not your blogs address!
2. Be sure to take that button at the top with you so that everyone can know where you're linking up!
3. Please only link crafts, DIY projects and the like. I don't want to delete your link!



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