Coming Soon....

Hey all,
I'm so excited! I've got another great giveaway coming up on Monday that I know you're going to want to enter.

I also am getting ready to tackle my dining room table and turn it into my dream farm table. Stay tuned for that progress! (I just gotta figure out how to get it out the door...)

I've been stashing away my Etsy money to buy paint from Caromal Colours for my kitchen cabinets. I am super excited about having them painted. I am super un-excited about actually painting them. My kitchen is the heart and soul of our house (not because of my cooking, but because of its location). With two little boys on the loose, it will be a challenge to get them painted without my whole house having hand prints, footprints and such all over. By the way, I'm really nervous about painting my cabinets green, so if you have any thoughts on this, send them over!

FIY, if you are interested in using Caromal Colours, then I suggest you click on over to Fabulously Finished so that you can use Patty's code.

Other than that...
Have a great weekend and keep the links coming to We Can Do It Cheaper!


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